Revolutionizing Primary Care with Personalized Medicine

In today’s fast-paced world, characterized by technological advancements like personal computers, cell phones, and the Internet, our primary care system has unfortunately lagged behind. At, we aim to modernize primary care through the power of personalized medicine.

Overcoming Inefficiencies in Primary Care

Traditional primary care practices are often hindered by outdated and inefficient methods, largely due to the limitations imposed by Medicare and insurance companies. While physicians are bound by a list of approximately 7,500 tasks approved for reimbursement by Medicare, vital aspects like patient communication through telephone or email are unfortunately not included.

These restrictions lead to patients frequently having to schedule in-person appointments for minor health concerns that could have been addressed through quick and convenient channels like phone calls, emails, or video consultations. Consequently, valuable time that could be devoted to patients with more complex symptoms and conditions is consumed, perpetuating a cycle of inefficient primary care.

Putting an End to Defensive Medicine Costs

Within the U.S healthcare system, physicians often find that the financial rewards of private practice lie in procedures rather than meaningful patient interactions. Dr. Sandeep Jauhar, a renowned cardiologist and the creator and director of the Heart Failure Program at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, sheds light on this issue. He explains that while spending quality time with a patient might yield modest reimbursements, ordering lucrative tests, such as nuclear stress tests, becomes more financially appealing. Frustrated by such circumstances, many primary care physicians resort to practicing a form of “defensive medicine.” Due to limited time with each patient, they frequently order numerous tests in an attempt to identify the underlying cause of illness, resulting in wasteful healthcare practices. It is estimated that defensive medicine costs up to $100 billion annually out of the approximately $3 trillion spent on healthcare—an expenditure that could be better allocated to preventive care.

Prioritizing Proactive, Personalized Medicine

Our current healthcare system primarily focuses on treating serious medical conditions after they have manifested. The concept of proactive, personalized medicine, which takes into account our behavior and lifestyle choices as significant influencers of our health, is often overlooked. Shockingly, around 80% of healthcare resources are allocated to caring for patients who are already seriously ill. At, we believe that investing more in preventive care programs is crucial. By empowering individuals to improve unhealthy habits, fostering early diagnosis of chronic diseases, and prioritizing preventive healthcare, we can significantly enhance the overall health of our nation.

Unlocking the Benefits of Personalized Care Programs proudly offers personalized care programs that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery. Recent studies have highlighted significant reductions in hospitalization rates among our members who have benefited from personalized preventive care. Our dedicated physicians have the time to work closely with patients, developing tailored wellness programs that focus on preventing serious diseases and conditions. Through these personalized care programs, we are spearheading the transformation of our primary care system from a reactive model to one that prioritizes prevention.

Join us at to experience the future of primary care. Together, we can embrace the power of personalized medicine and create a healthier tomorrow.

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