Meet Dr. David Boyd

dr. david boyd

David Boyd, MD

Founder & CEO, Blindspot Medical

Dr. Boyd is focused on preventative medicine, nutrition, data-proven supplementation, psychological, behavioral, fitness, natural, and prescription drug interventions to promote health span and life span.

He works with high levels entrepreneurs and executives to evaluate their health status and define their health trajectory.

Dr. Boyd strategically works with these “Changemakers” as he calls them because by impacting their lives they by default impact so many others!

He is uniquely qualified to work with top entrepreneurs and CEOs due to his background in applied sciences, medicine, business development and leadership.  Dr. Boyd earned his bachelor of science in biology and philosophy from Florida International University and his MD from Ross University School of Medicine. He then went on to train at Virginia Commonwealth University in Family Medicine where he was the recipient of several prestigious awards including, Cheif Resident.  Dr. Boyd has been an associate professor at both Virginia Commonwealth and Midwestern Universities.  He has been the author of peer-reviewed medical journal articles, has appeared on NBC, ABC, and Univision as a guest medical expert, and presented nationally and internationally on the topics of obesity, cancer, and disease prevention.

In the fields of science and medicine, it is much understood that we are the product of our mentors and the mentoring we receive.  Dr. Boyd has trained with some of the best endocrinologists, oncologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, gynecological-oncological surgeons, surgical oncologists, pulmonologists and sleep physiologists in the United States. So the expertise that funnels through him is really harnessed from the best of the best and his extensive training and expertise.

Dr. Boyd’s approach to healthcare is logical, data-driven, unique, and focused on quality health for an extended period of time.  He founded Blindspot Medical to offer a completely unique option and white glove experience for discerning high-level entrepreneurs looking for the best in private healthcare.

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