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“Not again! Not another.” Another man cut down too early. Another man that has sacrificed his time nobley for his family with the hope that one day he would have time for himself. Time that will sadly, never come.

I remember dreading going to work at the Cancer Center. It was my job to diagnose the UNKNOWNs. Someone that had an ache or pain, went to their doctor, got an x-ray and was told there was “something there”.

The patient was different but the story was usually the same.

Hard working man that spent decades hustling. Early mornings, late nights, too much coffee and stress that went ignored. I felt the same familiar pit in my stomach. I would answer all of their questions as they searched for WHY this was happening but the fact is there was NO ANSWER.

People search for meaning, we are creatures of reason but the fact is bad things happen to good people OFTEN. The fact is people often choose to live in denial. It is easier to think “that will not happen to me” than to face the reality. The fact is we are HUMAN both as fragile as we are resilient.

I would hug the patient at the end, knowing better than to say “Everything will be alright” because we both knew that would NOT be the case.

Returning to my office I would slump into my chair with more sense of defeat than hope. Eventually, this led to a deep depression. Days turned into months of monotony: wake up, go to work in a fog no matter how much coffee I drank, push myself in the gym… for what? Why bother?

My life was SAD.

I began to struggle to see the point of it all. Why work so hard? By all accounts I was successful. I was a prominent doctor, lovely wife, 2 beautiful daughters, nice house and cars… Why was I so SAD?

Because I had lost HOPE.

I had lost hope in the script of life. I had seen it play out too many times in the lives of my patients. The part of the story where the main character spends years grinding away only to lose it all in the end was too much for me.

So one night, unable to sleep I slipped from my bed. Kneeling in the master bedroom closet I took the pistol from the safe. The cold steel in my hand awoke my senses. Had THIS truly become an option? I dropped the gun and grabbed a sweatshirt from the shelf bawling into it uncontrollably. That was my rock bottom.

The next day… the sun shined brighter than ever before. It dawned on me, what if I could find the bomb before it were to go off? How different of an outcome that would be! BLINDSPOT was born out of pain and loss.

Dr. David Boyd’s Endorsements
Kevin Hardin

Dr. David Boyd's program has had a positive impact on every aspect of my life. Thanks to his guidance, my relationship with my children has vastly improved, and we now share an incredible bond. Additionally, I have experienced a significant increase in my income, surpassing the combined earnings of the last five years.


Alex Simon

Greetings, my name is Alex Simon, and I work as a Realtor in the Metro Phoenix area. When I first started collaborating with David, I was in poor health. However, I made a commitment to myself and my loved ones to prioritize my well-being and give them my best. Over the past eight months, I have undergone a remarkable transformation, shedding excess weight and feeling better than ever. My energy levels have skyrocketed, and I am proud to say that I can now fit into the suit I wore five years ago. This renewed sense of vitality has had a positive impact on my professional life as well, resulting in increased productivity, more closings, and the ability to achieve results more efficiently for my clients. If you are hesitant about embarking on a journey towards better health, I encourage you to prioritize yourself and strive to be the best version of yourself.


George Tobias

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had a trusted friend who also happened to be an excellent physician, looking out for your health and well-being? If so, look no further than Dr. David Boyd. Thanks to his expertise and guidance, I have moved on from the traditional medical system as I once knew it. I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Boyd's care and support.


Dr. David Boyd is focused on preventative medicine, nutrition, data-proven supplementation, psychological, behavioral, fitness, natural, and prescription drug interventions to promote health span and life span.

He works with high levels entrepreneurs and executives to evaluate their health status and define their health trajectory.

Dr. Boyd strategically works with these “Changemakers” as he calls them because by impacting their lives they by default impact so many others!

He is uniquely qualified to work with top entrepreneurs and CEOs due to his background in applied sciences, medicine, business development and leadership.  Dr. Boyd earned his bachelor of science in biology and philosophy from Florida International University and his MD from Ross University School of Medicine. He then went on to train at Virginia Commonwealth University in Family Medicine where he was the recipient of several prestigious awards including, Cheif Resident.  Dr. Boyd has been an associate professor at both Virginia Commonwealth and Midwestern Universities.  He has been the author of peer-reviewed medical journal articles, has appeared on NBC, ABC, and Univision as a guest medical expert, and presented nationally and internationally on the topics of obesity, cancer, and disease prevention.

In the fields of science and medicine, it is much understood that we are the product of our mentors and the mentoring we receive.  Dr. Boyd has trained with some of the best endocrinologists, oncologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, gynecological-oncological surgeons, surgical oncologists, pulmonologists and sleep physiologists in the United States. So the expertise that funnels through him is really harnessed from the best of the best and his extensive training and expertise.

Dr. Boyd’s approach to healthcare is logical, data-driven, unique, and focused on quality health for an extended period of time.  He founded Blindspot Medical to offer a completely unique option and white glove experience for discerning high-level entrepreneurs looking for the best in private healthcare.

David Boyd, MD

Founder & CEO, Blindspot Medical

Featured Articles

While I was running up Camelback Mountain, having covered almost 500 miles in a year, I felt invincible and in the best physical shape of my life. However, after a workout in the garage one day, I suddenly felt a crushing sensation on my chest as if a semi-truck was sitting on it. I became anxious and started experiencing pain in my jaw. Seeking medical attention, I went to the hospital and was shocked to discover that I was having a heart attack. The doctors had to implant a stent in my Right Coronary Artery to save my life.

– Jim Steg

Many men can relate to the fact that as we age, we begin to lose our vitality and energy. We are no longer as invincible as we once believed ourselves to be. Personally, I found myself experiencing significant fatigue after completing a typical 60-hour workweek. This made it challenging for me to fully engage with my son’s energetic and vibrant personality, and I found myself sleeping in on days when I had no pressing engagements.

– Victor Alarcon

I feel incredibly thankful to have discovered the Alpha One Protocol. A little over three months ago, I realized that I needed to make some significant changes in my life. Upon receiving the results of my recent bloodwork from the doctor, I was shocked to find out that my cholesterol levels, triglycerides, sugar levels, and other health markers were alarmingly high.

– Mike Cavicchia

Under the guidance of Dr. Boyd, I received personalized and detailed recommendations for improving my health, and he even went the extra mile to arrange for other professionals to visit my home and explain everything to me and my wife. With Dr. Boyd’s help, we developed a comprehensive plan for my future, and most importantly, he helped reignite my passion and drive for life. Now, at 38 years old, I feel as energetic and youthful as I did in my 30s. I am grateful to Dr. Boyd for his expert guidance and support.

– Ephrem Jando

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